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Campaigning in Silver Valley September 24-28

We have been knocking on doors in the Silver Valley this week.  We started in Pinehurst and Smelterville on Saturday, worked our way through Kellogg Sunday and Monday morning.  We knocked on about 50 doors in Osburn Monday afternoon and evening.  We met wonderful people everywhere we stopped.  Many people we visited with are afraid of speaking out and pushing back against extremism in Idaho for fear of retaliation.  We were surprised that so many Republicans we met said they  are voting for the person this year, not party.  I've been in politics long enough to know people say one thing, and do something different, but I am pleased about the reception we're getting from everyone here in the beautiful Silver Valley.  We're headed to Wallace today and Mullan tomorrow.  I understand this is an uphill battle, but I am in it to push back against extremism like the American Redoubt Movement that my opponent is a member of.      

Committee to Elect Tom Stroschein
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